Tamara grew up always eager to create. Growing up as the daughter of 2 photographers, and the granddaughter of a painter, she knew art was also her passion at a young age.

Graduating in 2010 from the University of Manitoba School of Fine Art with a BFA with Honours, she has since continued painting, illustration and photography.

Working as a professional artist and camera operator, she has turned her passion into a living. Since graduating, Tamara has showcased her artwork in numerous solo shows and exhibitions and plans to continue perfecting and refining her painting and illustration techniques.

Her obsession with skies is evident in her pieces and draws inspiration from weather phenomena and natures colour palettes.

Today, Tamara continues to work in the Camera Department in the film industry, and has recently delve into the world of directing. She continues to paint daily and has already has multiple solo shows in the works.

Upcoming Solo Show: September 2019 Details TBA